My Inspiration

When I was young, about 14 and 15 my parents thought I was just a back talking teenager with no respect for my elders. I in turn thought I was right and would argue any issue I deemed unfair. Because of this my parents sent me to 2 separate 2 week long Positive Motivation Camps.

The first week we learned about goal setting and affirmations while doing all the things camps have to offer such as horseback riding, swimming, crafts, canoeing, etc. We all had to pitch in and help with meals, dishes and keeping the cabins clean.

The second week we would go into the complete wilderness hiking for miles a day, sleeping on the ground, cooking over a campfire, all the while lugging a huge back pack full of all our necessities. On around the 5th day we were told we would be having a solitary, which is described in the dictionary as such;
  1. done alone: done without the company of other people
  2. shunning company: preferring to be or live alone
  3. secluded: in a remote location, apart from others
  4. single: existing as the only one of its kind.
For 24 hrs. we would camp alone overnight. I remember not even being scarred and a little bored. I also remember feeling at peace and not because I was alone. Nature has a way of making you feel at ease with yourself. I had books to read and food. This was a very powerful experience!

Needless to say after it was all said and done, I now considered myself to be a "Positively Motivated" back talking teenager. I became even more straight-forward and convinced I was right. I have always been an outspoken individual, which seemed to do well for me in life, but over the last 10 years my confidence has faltered and now I’ve lost site of the things I believed in so strongly.

I am now researching to obtain the knowledge and reach that place again. I am in search of my higher self. Through meditation, positive motivation, inspiration, goal setting and affirmation. I aspire to attain fulfillment and enhance all aspects of my life. I invite you to join me on this journey...