Sunday, January 17, 2016

8 Steps to Creating and Sticking to Your Goals in 2016

Every year we have the opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. This can also be done anytime of the year, but it seems that we like to do it at the beginning of each year. I have been using goals and affirmations since I was a child. Here is an 8 step plan to help you get started in 2016.
  1. GET ORGANIZED - When you’re looking at a pile of bills that need paid or your work space is disorganized, this has a tendency to zap the motivation for what you really want to accomplish. Maybe your goal will be to do one or both of these things just to get started. 
  2. KEEP THE LIST SIMPLE - Make a list of goals you’d like to accomplish. Start with 3-4 goals at a time, 1 goal is even okay. It’s up to you. The less you put on your plate, the more likely you are to accomplish your goals. 
  3. KNOW WHY? HOW? WHAT? & WHO? - Make a list of why you want to accomplish each goal, how you are going to accomplish each goal, what is needed, and who you might want as your support system if you so desire. 
  4. BE REALISTIC - Your goal is only as good as your best intention to follow through with it. 
  5. CREATE AN ACTION PLAN - Make a calendar or list with daily or weekly goals that will get you to your desired result. E.g. Monday - I will separate each bill into a pile with the most important ones on top. Tuesday - I will decide how I can pay each bill. Maybe I need to take on a second job or put in some overtime. Wednesday - Start making calls to get another job or call each creditor and set up payment arrangements. 
  6. FOLLOW THROUGH - This is why, keep it simple, be realistic, knowing why? how? what? and who?, and creating an action plan are so important. You are more likely to follow through. 
  7. REWARD YOURSELF - Decide how you will determine each milestone and reward yourself for reaching it. This can either be when your goal is accomplished or when you feel you have earned a reward for your efforts. Make sure and note it in your calendar or list. This can be as simple as a night on the town, dinner at your favorite restaurant, a family movie night, ordering take out instead of cooking, or splurge and give yourself a spa day. It’s about being realistic about what is logical for you, but DO reward yourself. 
  8. AFFIRM YOUR GOAL - Write it in affirmation form as if it has already happened with the date of accomplishment and read it daily. E.g. I am so excited to finally have “Blank Company” paid off - January 31, 2016. I am really enjoying eating healthier and I love weighing “Blank” - February 15, 2015. 
This is a great year for creating change and I hope to be of service in helping you do that. Leave your comments and questions below. Lets support each other in making 2016 the greatest year thus far… Namaste