Monday, June 16, 2014

Fulfilling My Dharma

So I didn't finish Blogging from A to Z, but I challenged myself and that's what matters. Life has a way of changing your plans. I have successfully signed up for school at The Institute of Healing Arts and am on my way to a degree in Mind Body Psychology.

The odd part was that I was really focused on a Degree in Business, but couldn't seem to get my ducks in a row and now I know why. This was obviously not my destiny or it would not have seemed so daunting.

I have yet to figure out the Universal Laws of the word Dharma, but from my own interpretation, this is my Dharma or purpose in life as Deepak Chopra would say.

To those of you who seem to be struggling with which way to go, ask and it will be shown to you. Don't go against what your body is telling you not to do or the truth will never be revealed.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my triumphs and defeats with you all, and I hope there will be a learning process involved. I never believe that one person has all the answers and the one's who are successful at what they do truly just believed in themselves.

Health and Healing to all,