Saturday, April 5, 2014

D is for Daughter #atozchallenge

D is for Daughter, also for a Day late... I had so many idea's for "D" and my Day went like this...

D is for Danger, uh no! D is for Dinner "NO, that's not working either".
D is for Deepak Chopra, "YES, I love him", but nothing seemed to be flowing.  I even watched "Decoding Deepak" by Gotham Chopra and still not feeling it...

Then late last night, a text conversation revealed D is for Daughter.  (Note: This isn't going to have proper english or be "politically correct", I just wanted to share it in it's true context.)

Daughter: "Hey Mom, what ya doin, feeling a bit alone tonight".

Me: "Where are all your friends"?
Daughter: "One is out of town, the other is with someone else".
Me: "I am sorry, I am kinda feeling lost too and your brother is really depressed, I doubt that makes you feel any better".
Daughter: "Why is he depressed"?
Me: "He is just really bored, not sure what to do with his life".
Daughter: "Yeah, I'm just feeling really alone".
Me: "But your not, I am with you :)".
Daughter: "I know".
Me: "What ya doin all by yourself".
Daughter: "Just watchin movies".

I don't want to bore you with all of the nonchalant parts, so we will move past that...

Daughter: "I was watching Hannibal and now I'm scared someone is gonna come eat my brain, lol! And ya, I haven't done anything either, but work and work some more".
Me: "I wish I was working right now, because then I would be doing something. I want to go back to when I loved my job"..
Daughter: "I know. I think you would be awesome at owning your own business or being a manager again".
Me: "Accept I'm old! I was gonna go back to school, but I keep putting that off".
Daughter: "Your not old. You could do it. You just have to put yourself in the right state of mind. I know I am young and have yet to experience life, but I pulled myself out of the crap and I learned to do it from my mommy. So, I know you can too! :) Your strong and I know you can do great things".
Me: "Thank you".
Daughter: "Your welcome. You may not think I listen to you, but I do. I listen to all of the things that you say and I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have you to help me get through. My brother will be okay. He will find his way. You just gotta think positive, right? lol. We are strong because of you".
Me: "You're gonna make me cry. It's just nice to hear that. I love you sis".
Daughter: "I love you too mom".

So, YES D is for Daughter today and always.....  Love Mom