Monday, March 12, 2012

A major transformation has occured

Day 22 of 21 Day Meditation Challenge - Achieving Perfect Health

Day 16 for me and a bonus day from the Chopra Center
A major transformation has occurred. During the last month, I have been meditating regularly along with yoga and getting to know the Chakra system. My relationship with my spouse has been in turmoil for a very long time. During this journey, the one thing that stayed with me is “eliminate the things that do not serve you”. After many months of indecisiveness’ I decided to end my 10 year relationship for good. Or so I thought...

Saturday afternoon while meditating, I once again was disrupted by my spouse which in turn caused acute anxiety in my system. So shortly after the meditation ended and the turmoil in my system subsided, I took the leap. I asked him to leave, which in the past I had always assumed I had to leave if I wanted out.

As the day progressed, emotions were high, I had made the decision and I wasn’t backing down.

Unexpectedly at the height of intensity, I was overcome with an overwhelming peace, as if my body had released a huge amount of stagnant energy or emotions. My demeanor was instantly lifted and I could see clearly.
It was only at that moment of peace and awareness that I knew my truth. I was no longer resisting my relationship, I felt a weight had been lifted from my soul and I could now see my spouse in my future. He also noticed the change as it occurred within me and I now know we can be together. I can see our future clearly.

The intent for that days meditation from the Chopra Center, “Realizing Wellness Through Visualization". Explained as "Through a process of visualization and witnessing, you have the opportunity to expand your awareness, appreciation, and connection to all aspects of yourself. Feeling fully integrated with a sense of wholeness, you will then be able to move into the future, planting seeds of intention for mind-body wellness".
Along with a quote by ~ Carl Jung “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside awakes.”

My notes for that day; 10 March 2012 - Day 14 - Day 20 "Go back and do over". Needless to say, I had no vision of my future, it was completely blocked.

I can’t explain what happened on that day. What I do know is I am thankful for that moment of clarity and can now move forward with my relationship and my life… Namaste