Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 16 of 21 Day Meditation Challenge - Quantum Healing

Day 10 for me.
As quoted on the 21 Day Meditation Challenge website in reference to Quantum Healing; "The first step in any healing process is acceptance. Once we accept this moment exactly as it is, we can heal. In today’s meditation, we’ll cultivate powerful acceptance of the present, opening to the experience of the wholeness, well being, and love that awaits us in every moment."

The first step in the healing process is acceptance. I pondered this in today’s meditation. A lot of pain has built up in my system. I find myself resenting my significant other frequently. I want to release these emotions and focus on the thought "everyone is doing their best from their state of consciousness". I believe my father cultivated this blame of others for my situation and yet he to is doing the best he can from his state of consciousness. I love my family and would never want to inflict pain or hard feelings. I am only incorporating this into my self-awareness of why I do certain things that are painful to others.

Taking responsibility for your actions, no mater where they manifested and releasing them into the universe is part of the healing process. My intent today is to change this behavior before it manifests in my children. We must all take responsibility for our own actions. Namaste