Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Love your children and everything will be alright

Keeping in touch with your teenagers is a BIG challenge, but so far I think I am doing a great job. I grew up in a time when home ownership and having the things you need were right at your fingertips, but my situation is far from ideal. The best home I own right now is a run down mobile home with air leaks and mold. I feel like I haven't had the tools my parents had to teach my children responsibility. For instance, we grew up on a simple farm with a few cows, goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, horses, and a large garden. There was a lot of responsibility involved in maintaining the farm, keeping the house clean, and weeding the garden. My children on the other hand did not have those advantages. Yes, I believe it was an advantage because I learned a lot from that experience. The best I have been able to offer is every other day the children switch dish night or cook a family meal.

This said, I continuously hear from others how great my children are and how responsible and what hard workers they are. How did I accomplish this?, I often ask myself, but somehow I did and they are great kids.

I have always made sure to say as they leave for school "Have a great day" and as they go to bed at night it's always "Goodnight, sweet dreams, I love you". I may not of had a lot to offer, but somehow I have raised wonderful children. Both my teenage daughters are in College. My two younger sons are helpful and loving. So in this imperfect world, love your children and everything will be alright...

Montana View