Sunday, August 7, 2011

Momminess Syndrome vs. Empty Nest

You never really know how much you can miss your children. My oldest daughter moved 780 miles away about a year ago and she just got married. I was at the wedding, which was fabulous even with all the chaos surrounding it, but I also left my 2 younger boys ages 13 and 16 with family for a month in the same location. I am feeling complete "momminess syndrome" (that is my new word). I am missing them very much.

You always know your children are dear to your heart. They inspire, motivate and keep you moving forward. This is why their absence brings on a whole new feeling of emptiness that you feel in the deepest part of your soul. You realize your whole life is based on their well-being and without them your purpose is imposed upon.

You start to reanalyze your life, because soon they will have lives of their own and you will not always be able to protect them. This is what I now call the "momminess syndrome", not "empty nest"!

My mother is a perfect example of a nest that has never been empty. After having 5 children and adding 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, her home is always filled with love and family. She is an amazing women, and she still takes care of all of us. I don't know if she would even know what to do without so many distractions. It is her strength and courage that helps me to know my nest will never be empty.

There are many good things about these realizations; you know that you have to live for yourself too. You will always have so many new experiences that still involve your children and hopefully grandchildren.

I am missing my children, looking forward to the future and living for today...