Sunday, October 5, 2008

Releasing Anxiety

I had been pondering on my next blog post, when I realized how much anxiety I have been feeling. It seems that I really need to work on releasing anxieties from my life. I asked a few people on a forum I just joined and here's what they recommended;

3 Steps to release stress and anxiety
1) Take an hour to "Just BE, BE Yourself" (I really like that one) Don't let others determine how you feel about yourself.
2) Spend that time unwinding from the days stresses
a. Stop at your favorite diner or coffee house and just breathe.
b. Read a good magazine or book (nothing too deep).
c. Stop at a park or a place with unique qualities where you find yourself at peace and admire the view.
3) Meditate! Don't let yourself think of anything, just breathe once again.

I know with all the focus on our future and money matters, it can build up, so I must ask myself "Is it really that bad or am I perceiving it that way"?