Thursday, November 10, 2016

November Energies – Annoyed and physically ill? Here is why….

Original Post via The Wake Up Experience Author: Vera Ingeborg

High light frequencies keep streaming in and we are headed towards the 11.11 gateway in lightening speed. It seems as if we are getting support by another geomagnetic storm, caused by a huge CME that left a canyon on the sun of 200.000 km length as reports. It is supposed to hit earth on November 8. If so, this will give us an extra push and more energetic potential to transmute energies quickly. As it was already described in the article about the cleansing finals, the energies are building up very quickly now and we go through a lot of transformation in a very short time. Our systems are overtaxed and we feel like we have left one reality without having fully entered the new one yet. Almost as if we were floating between dimensions. The changes within us happen so fast now, that neither our physical body nor our external reality are able to catch up yet. All of this is causing a feeling of being very annoyed and confused. We feel we have moved forward so much and have done so much inner work. And yet, this still does not feel blissful at all. We are still suffering from intense fatigues and are overwhelmed by all the possibilities we are shown our life could take us to next. So overwhelmed, that we rather just want to ignore it all. Can’t we just get over with the guessing and puzzle game and get a clear sign for once?

No, not yet. The disconnect is important right now. We need it to make the transition into 5D. And we only can do this alone. We need to fully trust our own intuition and need to have mastered self-love and self-confidence to be able to make this shift. Our guides are doing us a favour by not being very present. They know that we have reached a point where we are able to walk through this portal on our own. And it is coming up soon! The energetic gateway has already opened for the huge portal into new beginnings on 11.11. In preparation for it, we already are in a major balancing phase, November 8 is the exact half way between equinox and solstice, a day of balance and harmony. And a tipping point. Letting go of the last bits of 3D energies still hanging around in our energy fields. The super full moon on November 14 will help with these final cleansings. All of what we are experiencing now is the preparation for all the new coming in, which will manifest quicker than ever. How amusing, that November 8 is election day in the US. There are no coincidences. So, if you feel fed up with all that ascension stuff and all the uncertainty, just take some time to look back and see how much has changed and moved forward for you in such a short time. How much you have grown and learned. We tend to forget to appreciate our achievements while we focus on all the construction sites in our life.

Time becomes intangible

For many, time is hardly tangible anymore. Especially for those that have left schedules and routines behind. A past week can feel like a year has gone by because so much is happening at once. Our mind is not able to process all the changes we are going through and is not able to remember or recall things correctly. That is why it thinks that a lot more time must have past by. We have a hard time remembering things from our old 3D life. It feels more like a past life memory and very surreal. We are experiencing the dissolving of linear time, the more we move into the now and understand that this is our only reality. As we drop our fears, the process of aging slows down and gets even reversed. We indeed grow younger. Another reason why the significance of time stops. Without aging, there is no pressure to achieve anything quickly. We have eternity to do so!

Twin Flames feel disconnected and annoyed

For twin flames, energetically this is a very interesting period. Those that have healed their emotional body completely feel very disconnected from their twin. After all this push and pull and having them in their mind 24/7 all of a sudden it is gone. And that seems strange. It is almost like missing the missing. Twins need to get used to the feeling of absolute freedom and authenticity first, after having been attached for such a long time. And the energy feels absolutely flat when twins reach that state of being. In the beginning, it is a swinging in and out of that new state, but when twins embrace that experience, they move into this detachment for good very quickly. When that has happened, they are experiencing that the energetic field is tipping over. The quantum entanglement of both parts is at play. The more female part that has spent the past years with cleansing, purging and healing is now ready to fully step into his/her mission and just move forward without any attachment or longing. And is ready to do this alone. Is even open to the possibility that there might be someone else. But…. Energetically he or she is held back. And that sucks! Why is that? As the energetic field has tipped over, and the masculine is waking up, energetically they are now starting to send signs of “Please, don’t leave me, I still need you”. In parallel, it seems in 3D, that nothing is changing on their side at all. They just seem to continue their 3D life and existence. It is a strange feeling to still be connected to someone in 3D while having left that dimension already. That leads to a feeling of annoyance. Not wanting to deal with the 3D version of your Beloved any longer because you cannot relate to the human drama anymore. The more female part just wants to take off and explore 5D joy and happiness and would be more than happy to share all of this with the 5D version of their counterpart. The one that they had initially met during the bubble love phase. Although this indeed feels annoying right now, that is a very good sign that the energies have entered their final balancing dance. So just keep living your life, trust your process and continue your mission. It will balance and settle quickly now.

Old Wounds and intense Physical Ailments

Old wounds are showing up one more time for those that have not completely healed yet. People feel tired and fed up. Homesickness comes up again, and it is tough for many to keep up the faith that anything will change anytime soon. And the physical body goes nuts for many people. Feeling vertigo, migraines and intense pain down the whole spine as well as blurry eyes and a sore throat are the harmless part. But many are struggling with intense stomach sickness, including throwing up water and a body weakness that feels like a huge flu infection. As it is for all emotional pain and mental spiraling, also for the physical pain it is recommended to embrace it. Know this is your body rebuilding itself and trying to catch up with the rest of your energetic bodies – adapting to the high frequencies. Love your body for being so brave and for supporting you to be able to ascend while inhabiting it. Not everyone will be able to do this and will left behind in 3D frequencies. Of course please do seek medical assistance if you need some peace of mind.

My dears – these are the cleansing finals. The energies are superintense and will shake us up to the core once again. This is the only way up into 5D frequencies and being anchored into New Earth for good. Don’t try to push things forward that are not ready for manifestation. You will end up disappointed and will have wasted a lot of energy with little to no result. Follow the energetic pulls you receive. Ground yourself and bravely continue to transmute whatever comes up. If you need some tips for the upcoming days, please check out these tips to become a master alchemist and how to transmute energies quickly.

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

Monday, April 4, 2016

Find the Hidden Messages Behind Dreaming

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” -Carl Jung

Are dreams just random or do they have a hidden meaning?
Interpreting The Meaning of Your Dreams

You’ve probably heard many people say that dreams are random and mean nothing, but is this really true? Edgar Cayce, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung, leading experts in field of psychoanalysis, all believed that there is an unconscious message or meaning in all dreams.

According to Cayce (1877-1945), who most consider a “Twentieth Century Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant,” dreams connect us to the universal unconsciousness where we can discover our life purpose, find answers to our own medical conditions, and even tap into future events.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), an Austrian Neurologist who is considered the “Father of Psychoanalysis,” believed that dreams are forms of "wish fulfillment," attempts by the unconscious to resolve a conflict of some sort, either something recent or something from the past.

Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist famous for his studies on individuation, believed the personal and collective unconsciousness is brought into consciousness by means of dreams. He also believed that artistic expression and images found in dreams could be helpful in recovering from trauma and emotional distress.

The two most popular systems of dream interpretation are those based on the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Freud's opinion was that the dream was information that was unacceptable to the conscious mind and in order to bypass the ego was disguised in the form of symbols.

Jung’s view was much different than Freud's. Jung believed that dreams contained profound wisdom and insight coming from the unconscious mind into the conscious mind. He also believed that a certain amount of understanding was held in the unconscious mind, but that it was not yet understood by the conscious mind. Thus explaining the symbols appearing in the dream.

If dreams do in fact contain “an unconscious message in the form of symbols,” how do we know what it means and how can we learn to interpret our own dreams?

A good place to start is by keeping a Dream Journal and a pen or pencil next to where you sleep.

Your dream journal entry should include:
  1. Date - The date of the dream.
  2. Title - Give it a title. E.g. Floating Across New York or Scary Monster Chases Me Through Town. The importance of the title is that it gives you an idea of how the dream affected you and a reference for later use.
  3. Summary of Dream - Write a summary of your dream in as much detail as possible. Remember to jot down any symbols or characters that appeared in the dream. E.g. Bus, baby, police, garbage can, clouds, the kitchen cupboard, an old friend, the cashier at the gas station. All or most of these symbols can be of use in analyzing the meaning of your dream.
In order to remember your dreams try the following:
  1. Lay still for a few minutes after waking. 
  2. Consciously ask yourself if you were dreaming and then start to recall the dream. 
  3. Once you are sure of the dream, slowly get up to a seated position and start writing. You’ll be amazed at what you can recall as you continue writing. 
  4. Next, if you’re not already doing so, start keeping a Daily Journal. This is so you can compare the notes of your daily journal to the notes of your dream journal and see if you recognize any correlation between the two. You can also add a spot in your dream journal to jot down the previous days events for reference. 
Sometimes, a dream won’t immediately make sense and interpretation may happen days, weeks, or months later. That’s why keeping a daily journal and a dream journal are so important. You could be driving down the road in your car when you suddenly have that ah-ha moment and the answer to your dream reveals itself. You get home and read your previous entries which confirm your suspicion.

Dream interpretation can seem lengthy and time consuming, but the reality is that it can be very healing and beneficial to our higher good. It can also provide many insights to our true selves, answers to our questions, and bring back our sense of well-being. It can even transform what we perceive to be a nightmare into acceptance and understanding of our own inner conflicts.

There are many resources on dream interpretation, but nothing is more powerful than your own intuition when it comes to analyzing your dreams.


DREAMS - Tonight’s Answers for Tomorrow’s Questions By - Mark Thurston

The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding By - Betty Bethards

The Hidden Power of Dreams: The Mysterious World of Dreams Revealed By - Denise Linn

Sunday, January 17, 2016

8 Steps to Creating and Sticking to Your Goals in 2016

Every year we have the opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. This can also be done anytime of the year, but it seems that we like to do it at the beginning of each year. I have been using goals and affirmations since I was a child. Here is an 8 step plan to help you get started in 2016.
  1. GET ORGANIZED - When you’re looking at a pile of bills that need paid or your work space is disorganized, this has a tendency to zap the motivation for what you really want to accomplish. Maybe your goal will be to do one or both of these things just to get started. 
  2. KEEP THE LIST SIMPLE - Make a list of goals you’d like to accomplish. Start with 3-4 goals at a time, 1 goal is even okay. It’s up to you. The less you put on your plate, the more likely you are to accomplish your goals. 
  3. KNOW WHY? HOW? WHAT? & WHO? - Make a list of why you want to accomplish each goal, how you are going to accomplish each goal, what is needed, and who you might want as your support system if you so desire. 
  4. BE REALISTIC - Your goal is only as good as your best intention to follow through with it. 
  5. CREATE AN ACTION PLAN - Make a calendar or list with daily or weekly goals that will get you to your desired result. E.g. Monday - I will separate each bill into a pile with the most important ones on top. Tuesday - I will decide how I can pay each bill. Maybe I need to take on a second job or put in some overtime. Wednesday - Start making calls to get another job or call each creditor and set up payment arrangements. 
  6. FOLLOW THROUGH - This is why, keep it simple, be realistic, knowing why? how? what? and who?, and creating an action plan are so important. You are more likely to follow through. 
  7. REWARD YOURSELF - Decide how you will determine each milestone and reward yourself for reaching it. This can either be when your goal is accomplished or when you feel you have earned a reward for your efforts. Make sure and note it in your calendar or list. This can be as simple as a night on the town, dinner at your favorite restaurant, a family movie night, ordering take out instead of cooking, or splurge and give yourself a spa day. It’s about being realistic about what is logical for you, but DO reward yourself. 
  8. AFFIRM YOUR GOAL - Write it in affirmation form as if it has already happened with the date of accomplishment and read it daily. E.g. I am so excited to finally have “Blank Company” paid off - January 31, 2016. I am really enjoying eating healthier and I love weighing “Blank” - February 15, 2015. 
This is a great year for creating change and I hope to be of service in helping you do that. Leave your comments and questions below. Lets support each other in making 2016 the greatest year thus far… Namaste

Friday, November 6, 2015

I challenge you to smile!

While participating in Day 5 of the 21-Day Meditation Experience sponsored by the Chopra Center with Deepak and Oprah, the only thought going trough my head was "I just want to be happy". Shortly after I finished the meditation, I realized, "you just need to smile more". WOW, that was a ah-ha moment. Smile more! Such a simple concept. I don't smile half as much as I should. So my challenge to everyone that just "wants to be happier" is to SMILE MORE!!! It's that simple!

Light & Love,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update on my blog absence

I been busy going to school online at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, but my mind is brewing with some awesome posts. Hoping to start posting my thoughts soon... ~Jen